WatermelonThe Northam Farmers’ Market is an initiative of the Northam Chamber of Commerce and Northam Women in Business. The intent is to bring a value added event to the Northam c

ommunity that promotes Northam and positively impacts local businesses.

The market is run by a Market Manager who is overseen by a subcommittee consisting of one representative of the Northam Chamber of Commerce and one representative of Northam Women in Business, plus any other suitably recognised individuals.



Fresh produce, health and wellness.


TomatoTo create a thriving farmers market that positively impacts local businesses and the Northam community as a whole. To provide a space for local and regional artisan and farm producers to sell products directly to the public. To encourage consumption of fresh, local, seasonal food and promote health and wellness for both humans and the environment.



The key objectives of the Northam Farmers’ Market are:

  • To create a successful farmers market that mutually benefits buyers, sellers, Northam community, local businesses and provides a space that is uplifting for all those involved.
  • To provide a direct interface between buyers and sellers.
  • To support the sale of:
    • Local seasonal artisan fresh produce
    • Value added goods made from local seasonal artisan fresh produce
    • Local and regional Wheatbelt farm produced goods
    • Artisan ready made food
    • Small livestock
    • Artisan grown edible plants
  • To promote health and wellness modalities & therapies
  • To provide a space for an education stall at each market which fits within the market theme.
  • To provide a space for entertainment at each market.
  • To support activities that add value to market attendees, local business and the Northam community.
  • To support local community groups to raise funds via sale of food that also supports local businesses.
  • To provide a space for the Northam Chamber of Commerce to promote its activities and represent local businesses.